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Vèringer Ingeniería Avanzada S.L. - Ingeniería

International company in Holland is looking for a Responsible for commissioning wind turbines according to the applicable regulations.

•Preparation: receives the assignment from the Coordinator Installation and discusses with him the specific project requirements and any ambiguities. Check for the presence of material, parts, drawings, diagrams and tools.
•Faults: independent detection of the cause of the fault and rectification of faults concerning electrical, electronic and control systems based on company's protocols. Uses drawings. Drawing and connecting cables to the equipment (starting devices, motors, measuring instruments, signaling and protection) and in the switch boxes. Is switch authorized provided with valid documentation.
•Commissioning: insert and connect test and registration equipment to the installation. According to protocol tests of, for example, rotating fields, inverters, security, control and registration equipment, etc. Interpret the test data and localize the possible problem (installation or control). After this, adjust and adjust the process controls and measuring and control equipment with the aim of delivering the wind turbine in a functioning manner.
•Reporting: reporting to Coordinator Installation of unsafe and undesirable situations and daily reports. Collection and recording of the test data and preparation of the test report. Reporting the wind turbine to the Coordinator Installation and the relevant department of the parent company. Carrying out administrative tasks, such as the processing of time sheets and inventory of the company car.
•Other activities: all activities in and around the wind energy installations. Lubricate and clean the wind turbine. Check the entire installation for reliability and safety. Keep the company car, tools and spare equipment in good condition.

2 Vacantes

País de la oferta: HOLANDA
Ubicación en el extranjero: Holanda


Experiencia Laboral Al menos 6 años
Estudios mínimos Ingeniería Técnica
Requisitos mínimos • Minimum requirement 6 years experience in a similar position.


Tipo de contrato Otros Contratos
Jornada Laboral Jornada Completa

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